Melissa Polinar Re-Releases “I’m Ready”

Texas darling Melissa Polinar may have first shared this song in 2008 but it’s now available for purchase in a re-tooled and polished form. Polinar takes the song in a slightly more R&B influenced direction, adding a favorable nuanced sound to her acoustic soul repertoire. This time around it’s complete with harmonies and better quality… but we still need a studio version! But until then, this version can be yours for a paltry dollar via the bandcamp widget below.


“I’m Ready”

Feels like there’s no tomorrow
breathing in, breathing out gets harder
playing this guessing game
leaves me all alone
where am i to go?

don’t know what signs to follow
trying to keep myself together
sweet dreams i harbored didn’t last for long
this can’t go on

i’m ready to try falling apart
right into your arms
i’m ready for you to take my heart
and tell me that i am yours
then i’ll be alright
there’s no turning back
i’m ready this time

I just don’t know what’s coming
i was unprepared but now i’m
tyring to fight grain
of who i don’t want to be
so help me to see

the past is gone
from every right and wrong
and you’re behind it all
i’m tasting complete surrender
from now on i will remember you

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