Promoters for Canadian Event Cancel Notorious MSG Show Due to Content

The Notorious MSG were never really… how shall I say this… family friend to say the least. Their brand of musical comedy has always been contingent upon outrageous schtick and and general tomfoolery, none of which could be deemed politically correct. Love it or hate it, that’s what makes the MSG, them. Needless to say, it appears that some promoters/organizers for an event in Toronto didn’t quite do their homework and pulled the plug on their 2nd of 2 scheduled appearances after they deemed the 1st too offensive.

Honestly, I think discernment and foresight are two invaluable qualities. If the MSG’s material wasn’t appropriate, so be it… but that should have been determined long before they ever set foot on the stage. Someone dropped the ball here.

2 thoughts on “Promoters for Canadian Event Cancel Notorious MSG Show Due to Content

  1. the event orginizers should have known there acts and performances BEFORE booking them ,they left alot of angry fans at sundays show who came out from both canada and newyork state,many drove to get to this gig , my friends from Montreal radio station CJLO drove out 6 hours to see this gig ,lucky they caught saturdays gig before it got banned, they actually posted up flyers during saturdays performance right infront of the band , ,IT WAS WRONG ,AND CENSORSHIP HAS NO PLACE IN NORTH AMERICA,it showed its ugly face in toronto 😦

    1. I can understand the frustration but I tend to disagree that censorship has no place in north america. Not everything is suitable for every moment. There is a time and a place. In this particular case, I’m not bothered by the act of censorship but more so by the sheer lack of organization. It could have been handled a lot better.

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