Adam WarRock Re-Introduces “Smashed Gordon” & “PBR”

This is the last week of Adam WarRock’s Donation Drive Month campaign and he’s brought out some tracks from his older catalog to refresh and present to many for the first time. “Smashed Gordon” is the first cut with “PBR” on the flip side of this double single. AW is getting ready to go on a big tour soon so be sure to catch a show if he’s swinging by your area. You can find the liner notes for the song after the break. If you’d like to DL the songs for free, head on over to his website for the link.

Adam WarRock “Smashed Gordon Redux” b/w “PBR”

Beats used:

Non-Phixion “Refuse to Lose”

Reks “All in One (5 Mics)”



We are here, at the end of our Donation Drive Month. Thank you to everyone who donated, and thanks to everyone who listened to the songs. Make sure you come and say hi on the tour. We end Donation Drive Month with a visit from two old friends.


I do this ongoing mixtape thing called The TrackLog on my site. You probably haven’t seen it lately (b/c of these weekly singles), but I have posted nearly 100 free songs in the past 1-2 years. A lot of people have weird conceptions about it, wanting huge .zip files of all my music, wanting me to go back and revisit a lot of stuff. When I started it, I always viewed it more as a kind of ongoing thing, that you hop on wherever, and you strap yourself in. From that point on, you can just trust that there’s more music coming, and some of it will be great, some of it will be rough, but it will at least always be varied and very, very active. It’s a weird thing, and now has given me this massive catalog that is a bit unwieldy, and something that I’m not always wanting to revisit. I’ll always leave it up (even the songs I vehemently hate), but it was always meant as just a thing that keeps going, never looks back.


If I had to pick two songs that people ask me to perform or revisit the MOST, I would pick “Smashed Gordon” and “PBR.” You can hear the original versions here”


PBR (link)

Smashed Gordon (link)


I explain them a bit in those blog posts, but to reiterate:


PBR was always meant as a song about vice, not necessarily drinking. Some people thought I was straight edge, or anti-drinking after hearing it. I’m not. Trust me. I enjoy drinking. I never really perform it b/c I can’t memorize it, I don’t know why, I spent weeks with it and I always screw it up. So, if you ever hear me do this at a show, you’ll know I made some kind of huge breakthrough.


Smashed Gordon was a song that came at the confluence of several things, like Edgar Wright on twitter challenging me to make a song about Flash Gordon, the War Rocket Ajax link, the Robersons doing their booze movie  marathons to the name “Smashed Gordon,” and it just came about as a goof. I did so many vocal punch-ins, that it is virtually impossible to do live. Maybe this version will change that.


Anyway, it only seems appropriate to be a bit nostalgic as I look to the future. I’m going to be doing a lot of shows until the end of 2011, so I hope you can come out, support, have a good time, buy some merch, and say hi. Thanks for the support, and for the last time for a very long time, donate if you can!

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