Bruno Mars Reportedly In Legal Dispute Over Contract with Publisher

No one said the music biz was easy, even after you’ve made it big. Hip-Hop DX has reported that platinum recording artist Bruno Mars is currently in litigation with his music publisher over the terms of his contract and has moved to sue. Mars has claimed that he has fufilled his contractual obligation and wishes to move on but his publisher says otherwise. You can read the story from HHDX after the break. These type of things happen all the time but we still wish Mars an amicable and just result.

The hit hook-man for B.o.B. and Bad Meets Evil is taking his music publisher to court over his contract with the company.

Despite having a platinum album with his 2010 debut Doo-Wops and Hooligans, things aren’t so cheery for pop sensation Bruno Mars. According to TMZ, Mars is now suing his music publisher over his current contract with the company.

The hit crooner behind B.o.B.’s “Nothin’ On You” and Bad Meets Evil’s “Lighters” recently filed suit against Bug Music, Inc. for violating the stipulations of his contract. Documents from the Los Angeles County Superior Court indicate that Bug Music refuses to let Mars out of his contract, even though Mars claims he had completed the requirements of his contract.

According to Mars’s contract, Bug required the singer to deliver a set amount of music before he could terminate his contract. Following the completion of this stipulation, Bug had a specific period of time during which they could offer to renew their contract with him.

Mars claims that he had delivered Bug with the required amount of music this past February, but that the company failed to renew his contract within the time limit, thus ending his contract. Bug claims, however, that Bruno Mars has yet to complete his assigned contract, which gives them access to 50% of the copyrights to his music.

It is currently unknown as to when Bruno Mars’s case will reach the courts. DX will keep you updated.

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