Don’t Miss the AMP Music Festival in San Diego – 9/17

So the East Coast, mid-Atlantic folks such as myself have Kollaboration DC to look forward to this weekend but you SoCal folks near the Pacific definitely won’t be in want either. San Diego will be the home to a mega concert festival where the San Diego Asian Music Festival will see it’s official launch including a gigantic line-up of artists. The billing includes Jesse Barrera, Jennifer Chung, Dawen, Feats in Inches, Sam Kang, Abraham Lim, Jane Lui, Nylon Pink, Shin-B, The Slants, Toestah, Lindsey Yung and so much more. So if you’re anywhere near “America’s Finest City”, I suggest you make plans to stop by Market Creek Plaza for an entire day of awesome music entertainment. Check after the break or the AMP Music Festival website for more information.

We are very proud to announce the upcoming AMP Music Festival, an outdoor music festival that will be the launch of the San Diego Asian American Music Festival – what will be in the long term, a multi-day, multi-faceted event focused on music and music education.

The AMP Music Festival will be an all-day event taking place on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at the Market Creek Plaza.  With nine hours of entertainment on each stage, there will be something for everyone.  The venue is located at 404 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA 92114.  Gates open at 11am and first performance is at 11:30am.

With the partnership of the Asian Business Association Community Foundation and the National Asian American Coalition, this music experience exists for the fans of music and for the love of music, with the aim of creating art and music scholarships and educational programs.  We are open to all who love music, the outdoor music experience, or bold adventures!

The AMP Music Festival will:

  • Raise awareness and funds for the ABA Community Foundation to provide arts and music scholarships
  • Provide local and regional artists an opportunity to perform at a venue with diverse audiences
  • Showcase the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) American talent in contemporary music
  • Encourage programs in music and culture and foster music education and interest to San Diegans
  • Revitalize and build a stronger community through the celebration of music and art

Learn more about the Mission of the AMP Music Festival and the San Diego Asian American Music Festival.

The AMP Music Festival and the San Diego Asian American Music Festival are made possible by the support of the Asian Business Association Community Foundation (ABACF) and theNational Asian American Coalition.

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