Lyricks Spits Up Some “Bleu Cheese”

New A/V drop from Northen Virginia representative, Lyricks. This is one of those tracks that make ya say “ewwww” if you’re a Hip-Hop fan. Some say Hip-Hop purists get too preachy when it comes to the topic… but Lyricks lives up to his name with this one, staying true to the written and spoken word. Some of you older fans should recognize the name drops of a few veterans fromthe scene towards the end of the verse.

too many mc not even mics
shut em off~

yo i could kill your whole career with a peezy beat and a flip cam.
rappers lose their balance, like i’m kicking over their kickstand!
battling me is like fighting a warrior with six hands.
my flows go toe to toe with the blows that are thrown by ip man

yes sir… i don’t mean donnie yen, but the real ip man
sitting there, with a spliff in air, with a silver beard
saying “kick it there!” to like BRUCE LEE!
truthfully, NO ONE moves me…. boombap man! influenced me,
so if you wanna pick one: then just choose me!

who’s the best rapper out of nova?? that dude’s me.
i don’t say that looking over my shoulder…
excuse me but –
truth be told your routine flow usually loses me
and i fall asleep quickly like i’m roofied…

but i mean WHO’S ME?! man i’m a new breed.
my style is damn near perfect, YOU need to proofread
man have you heard the news? well here’s the newsfeed.
my flow is fatter than a girl growing up addicted to bleu cheese.

by now, naturally, rappers are asking, “WHO’S HE?!”
ya know how insecure and defensive these rappin’ dudes be?
they know i’m a doozy! my freestyles are smoother than a well greased UZI
and their girlfriends might choose me!

crumple up their confidence, like i crumple up a loose leaf with a bad rhyme
thinking now it’s THAT time. Listened and I sat by.
saw these lil rappers growing up. blowing up. when they sucked,
and now it’s getting NUTS like a pad thai.

i don’t wanna be a hater nor THAT guy.
but i’m just asking the world, “man is this ill?! is THAT hot?!”
because if it is… the games changed: they ignoring skill!
EL GAMBINA come back man you my LAUREN HILL

too many rappers… yea man… that’s the illest hook.
i haven’t heard a MC that was as real as ROOK.
and that’s REAL, decipher you kno what i’m thinkin of fam?
back in the day when we were just politickin with CHAN!

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