a-Tunes News: Introducing our International Music News Category – ‘Passport’

Wow, it’s been some time since you all heard any official news from our camp, hasn’t it? Today we’re happy to announce a new feature on our site called “Passport”. This section was created out of the joyous necessity to expand our news coverage because many of our favorite artists are beginning to go international – making waves all across the world. For instance, our biggest story over the past week is how Korean-American Ailee has garnered a lot of attention in Korea after appearing in one of their televised music competitions. It’s awesome to see our artists crossing languages, boundaries, and borders!

Now, we aren’t trying to compete with all the various J-Pop, K-Pop, LMNOP-Pop that are out there, but rather we just want to be able to help you all keep tabs on artists abroad that are focusing their career in other markets besides states-side. Over the next few weeks, we’ll start to re-brand older posts that fit this category and re-organize our archives. So with that, we hope you’re ready to travel the world via music with us!

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