Watch Bambu Perform “Just(Us)” and “Iron Bam” in Seattle

Take a look at this dope performance clip of Bam doin his thing while touring with the Blue Scholars at their stop in Seattle. He spits a little something new and old via “Just(Us)” and “Iron Bam“. It’s crazy how hyped up that audience is! Other MCs need to take note cause that’s how you flippin move a crowd. Audio gets a little distorted at times but it’s still a very watchable clip.

Bambu performing “Just(Us)” and “Iron Bam” live during the Seattle stop of the Cinemetropolis Tour. Be sure to check out for more information on a tour stop near you!


It is just us
look around the room
a bunch of broke muthuhfukkuhs who look just like you
and some of you keep looking at your clocks counting those minutes
’cause that boss is gonna’ make you wake up at 6AM to wash those dishes
and tuition getting high
so you study all day
and the guy that washes dishes just graduated last May
same school
same major
same grades
same honor
and the Shift Manager’s summa cum laude straight outta’ Harvard
and the guy who owns the business took the business from his Dad
and his Dad built that business on a low cost land
using low cost hands
stolen man on stolen land
and his business keep on booming ’cause you keep looking at the hands of the tic toc click clock
“When’s this show gonna’ stop?”
but you hate your fuckin’ job and you lovin’ this Hip Hop
but, nah, ’cause if you stay here with the people lovin’ music
you might come in late
and the boss is already mad over some stupid shit
and God forbid you don’t get those good grades
B’s and A’s
if you just average Daddy’s gonna’ take your car away
and anyway he can’t afford it
he washes dishes and parks cars
so I appreciate y’all coming out
I know that time’s are hard!

Just us!
Just us!
Ain’t no justice when it’s just us! (repeat)

Welcome to the muthuhuhfukkin’ moment when you realize the way we live here don’t work
where the kids and the others where you live either off to a prison or get driven in a hearse
but worse
working like a muthuhfukkin’ slave for that little bitty pay
I rather we die
that American dream is a lie
check to check just to get by
it’s not a Black thing or a white thing
it’s class division
’cause one day you gonna’ have to explain this bullshit to your children!


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