Lil Crazed Features For DJ Sin’s “Hometown” MV

The Crazed KiD has paired up with another Minnesota native, DJ Sin, and features on a joint called “Hometown”. The song isn’t brand new though the video dropped today. It’s a shame it took so long since by now that sample has been done to death, giving the song an unjustified “me too” feel. I imagine those from that area of the country will appreciate the song a lot more than the rest of us but it’s a fair listen regardless.

(DJ Sin)
~I’m always real but in a fake situation,
Son, I relate I faced the same shit you facing
in school, I struggled, couldn’t relate to the teachers
could never hear them through my motivational speakers
and class would always seem like my plane flight delay
My ass would spend the day tryna take off on the freeway
People need work here we all have a fear of debt
problem nowadays it’s on par with the fear of death
shout out to my homie forever the “BLK”
‘Cause Both of us survived when we never could see a way
and home ain’t where ya from its where they understand you
shit Alice found a home I got a wonderland too

~I love my hometown so much, that I can’t stop from jotting it down
I just wanna give back so bad, that it feels like I’m squatting my town
To all my friends be patient dudes, I’m Tryna pay rent while I’m payin dues
And I Wont hesitate ta prove that I’d take a .50 caliber shot ta the face for you
Crazed that’s the same for you, I’m Shock’d and amazed for you
and If you think we’re dreaming now just think what we’ll awaken to
’cause you told me don’t ever follow your dreams lead them
So I’m leavin this evening to meet ’em eat ’em like Eve did in Eden
first I was pleading, needing a gig just a reason now
i’m achieving mc’in I can’t believe what I’m seeing
I’m livin’ for today you can’t live it when it’s over
Shout out to my hometown: Plymouth Minnesota

~straight from the state of the land of the lakes,
became a man from a fan to a great,
10,000 hands in the stands from the stage
i see ’em as they’re reaching for me
cuz we’re taught to always reach for the stars kid
that’s the life that i’m living now, the beginning, it started,
back in kindergarten, in Roc, Minnesota,
always dreamed of building a team that would rock Minnesota,
with them earthquake metaphors,
that wrecks (rex) to a T, and i don’t mean historic dinosaurs,
so climb aboard and enjoy the flight of success,
that i, myself SET-UP, some locals UP-SET
but i’m always TIED to my hometown, til (my) SUDDEN DEATH
cuz me and the Roc are like dots, no xbox, but we will always connect (kinect – the dots)

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