Showdown: Jae Jin vs Stacy Dudero

Why don’t we cap off the night with a little Showdown? This is where we have a little friendly comparison of artists that cover/remix the same songs and then vote for the one we think pulled it off better.

Frank Ocean has really made a name for himself over the course of the past year, so it’s been no surprise to see more and more covers of his music. Recently, two R&B singers – Jae Jin & Stacy Dudero – gave their own renditions of Ocean’s “Thinking About You”. We thought it’d be interesting to pit the Male vs Female vocals against each other, so check them out below.

Jae Jin

Stacy Dudero

On a macro level, there are a lot of similarities between the two renditions – but the differences are in the details. One artist took a few more R&B vocal liberties while the other stayed a little closer to the original. One had much crisper quality. One artist took a more cool, laid back approach with the other inserting just a touch more energy. So this one could be largely left to presences rather than raw tangible and quantitative differences.

So I guess the only question left at this point is… which one are you feeling more?

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