DUKE Presents “One Love (I Love You)”

“One Love (I Love You)” marks the return of the artist known as Schoolboy DUKE. He stays true to his radio-friendly style, releasing a song that bends genres as is his status quo. You get a little bit of rap, a little bit of singing, a little bit of pop and a little bit of electronica; all mixed into one. Take a listen and feel free to follow along with the lyrics below.

Girl between me and you
Forever we’ll stay true now
No matter what we face
Our hearts will always say

One love, One Love
I want you
One Love, One Love
I need you
One Love, One Love
I feel you
One Love, One Love
I love you

Verse 1

You got the right to be scared
Cause I be scared too
What we got something permanent, tattoo
And who knew that I would be holding hands with you
The prettiest girl I’ve ever seen that’s brighter than the moon, Ooo

And Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
This is my song for you
And Ye, Ye, Ye, Ye
You can sing with me
And No, No, No, No
Never let me go
And We’re, So, So, So,
We’re so beautiful


Verse 2

Hold on tightly to me girllll
I’ll be your lifeline
Don’t worry, I’ll protect you like
Presi- Obama
Anything you want
You know baby girl, I got cha
We hot fiya
They call us Sriracha

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