The Creative Youtube Remixes Round-Up – 9/26/11

Today we chose to showcase some of the more creative covers/remixes we’ve come across in the past couple weeks. Each of the following renditions are different enough from the original – either in arrangement, instrumentation, genre, etc that we thought you shouldn’t miss them. Jane Lui gives an incredible interpretation of “Moves Like Jagger”. One Way takes it back with some interpolation of R&B classics. JV stays a bit more contemporary but mashes up a couple Drake hits on the acoustic 6-string. Laura Song & friends give an intriguing performance powered by iPads. And lastly, Maribelle takes an FM song and changes up the genre – leaving only the beat in tact. Check them all out!

Jane Lui Remixes “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5

One Way Remixes “Georgy Porgy” by Eric Benet

Joseph Vincent Covers “Trust Issues” by Drake

Laura Song & Friends Remix “Firework” by Katy Perry

Maribelle Anes Remixes “So What?” by FM

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