Arden Cho Shares “With You”

Ms Arden Cho has been cranking out these original songs as of late, not that we’re complaining. Her latest is called “With You” where she chooses to go the A/C Pop ballad route. She sings this song in a softer tone of voice than we’ve become accustomed to, a nice switch up initially though I kept waiting […]

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JRA Introduces “What We Started”

JRA recently shared a new song called “What We Started”, a moving piano ballad that in his words is “dedicated to the one who has everything I want, but everything I don’t want to remember”. No goofy antics or dialogue this time around, instead we are left with just a simple, poignant, heartfelt song. Check […]

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Watch Oak & Gorski’s Performance of “Love Destroyer” on Threesome Nightly

Check out this performance of “Love Destroyer” from their album of the same name on Threesome Nightly, a talk radio show. As per usual, Ed works his magic on the six string with Ken taking the helm behind his trusty cello. This completely un-plugged performance could have used some  wider video shots but I suppose […]

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