Just ‘Cause: Jane Lui Sings For a Young Fan

“Cute” is the only way to describe this video. While on tour in Europe, Jane Lui had a show in Amsterdam but unfortunately she had a young supporter who couldn’t stick around due to the fact that she had school the next day. So guess what? The little girl got her own private performance of “Migration Song”.

AAM had the scoop behind the event:

The way Jane explains it, it was her last night Europe, and kind of a miserable one. She had posted about doing a little open mic show in Amsterdam, but between the pouring rain and coming down with a cold, she was considering not going, thinking no one would know her there anyway.

But Jane, soaked with rain, had fans waiting for her, of course. Including a guy named Edwin who brought his young daughter. They had apparently seen Jane’s awesome History of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics, and drove out an hour to see her. But it was almost her bedtime by the time Jane got there, so they went outside and she sang the little fan a quick song.

Too awesome.

2 thoughts on “Just ‘Cause: Jane Lui Sings For a Young Fan

  1. Wow, such a lovely little story! Never heard of Jane Lui before, unfortunately, but this little act of kindness has won me over! Also, I would be like that cute little girl if this happened to me. Just staring; amazed. Though I am 30 years old, so… 🙂

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