Take a Listen to “The Harvest” by The Forrest Filosophy (Connie Lim)

As part of the promotional strategy for an upcoming show at Hotel Cafe, The Forrest Filosophy aka Connie Lim has posted up another original for you to check out. This one is titled “The Harvest”, and let me say right off the bat I’m really digging this one. Everything from the keyboard sounds to the quirky and curious melody and lyrics left me intrigued – I’d love to hear a studio version of this. If you’re in the LA, you should consider checking her out live on the 19th. I would, but I’m 2,620 miles away… so it’d be a little bit of a commute.

One thought on “Take a Listen to “The Harvest” by The Forrest Filosophy (Connie Lim)

  1. I’m reading all the love that you’ve given me this past year, and I gotta say thank you. I am just signing with an indie label started by Jay Frank, former VP at Yahoo Music. It’s a new label to launch its first artists in February, and I will be formally releasing a studio version of “LA City” then, with an official video. Thank you for the love. It has gotten me to where I am going now. 🙂

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