Timothy De La Ghetto (Traphik) Stars in Own Comedy Series for MYX TV

Well excuse us for not paying attention! Rapper/Comedian/Internet Personality Timothy De La Ghetto aka Traphik has been given his own comedy show – appropriately titled The Timothy De La Ghetto Show. For those of you with MYX TV, it will premier tonight at 8PM and is scheduled to continue to air on Tuesdays at that time. It’s being billed as:

From the internet to the television screen, MYX TV presents the next generation of Asian-American laugh out-loud comedy with “The Timothy Dela Ghetto Show.” A half-hour show of unconventional skits, one–off sketches, originalsongs and music videos, and stand up comedy from the mind of Timothy Dela Ghetto. Premiering November 8, Tuesdays @ 10pm.

I guess it’s going to be similar to the short lived but critically acclaimed Dave Chapelle Show. We’d like to extend a HUGE congrats to Traphik on this big move! Find out more about the show here.

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