Jihae Debuts the MV for ‘The Model’

Jihae has debuted the music video for her latest single from her Fire Burning Rain album that dropped last year. “The Model” visuals stars actress Paz de la Huerta, off Boardwalk Empire fame. Stylish, off-centre and a bit eccentric, all the elements are here to properly represent the singer and her music. The MV debuted on the Examiner, so check out their feature for a few more details.

Directed by Yelena Yemchuk (Smashing Pumpkins, Kings of Leon, Courtney Love) and starring Paz DeLa Huerta from HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” the video is as visually stunning as it is simplistic. With powerful color contrasts against muted backgrounds Jihae’s masculine-esque vocals stand in stark contrast to the soft images of the woman who command the screen. The film takes you on a journey of mystique into the mind of a superstar, focusing poignantly on the highs and lows of her psyche and painting a less than idealic picture of fame and all its underlying consequences.

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