Adam WarRock Releass the ‘No Rest’ EP

Adam WarRock is the kind of MC with a relentless work ethic combined with an extreme love for his art. So it shouldn’t come as much surprise that he would record an EP while on tour – appropriately christening it the No Rest EP. In a MacGuyver inspired move, he chose to record the album with what few resources he had – namely an iPhone headphone mic. The result? Surprisingly decent, all things considered. It ain’t exactly crisp, but he makes good use of the inherent “crunchy” quality. Get it for free HERE.

Y’know, all this traveling and touring makes it hard to make new music. But screw it, I made this 6 track EP with my iPhone headphones mic, finally recording some songs I’ve written in the past few months while on the road. Click on the cover above to download the zip file. Enjoy it.



  1. 1.Can’t Sleep (intro)
  2. 2.I Am (Not) – beat used “New Prince” by Childish Gambino
  3. 3.Big Deal – beat used “American Greed” by Deacon the Villain/Sheisty Khrist
  4. 4.Derby – beat used “Speak Easy” by Grieves
  5. 5.Innkeeper – beat used “Day 2” by Reks
  6. 6.No Rest – beat used “Kill ‘Em All (Remix)” by RJD2

Minimal Explanations


Can’t Sleep (intro)

If you don’t know where this is from, I honestly don’t know how you even got here.


I Am (Not)

I believe this beat samples a Sleigh Bells song, I don’t really know. It’s a dope beat. I’ve been sitting on it for a while, and wanted to do something with it.


Big Deal
I’ve heard from a lot of people after this year that I am now something sort of like a “big deal” on the internet, which is the way that people who aren’t really on the Internet say “You’re on the Internet at all.” I always found this to be a totally ridiculous thing to say, so I have some fun with the idea. In my mind, I am literally telling this to the waiter at Applebee’s, who clearly does not care. It’s a funny visual in my head.



This is less a song about derby girls, and more just kind of a symbol to base all my self-loathing on when it comes to women. I’ve always had a thing for punkish girls with tattoos, piercings, whatever, but I guess through most of my life I always felt like they wouldn’t give me the time of day, because…well, I looked like a boring, regular working stiff. This is my love letter to all those girls who I was never brave enough to talk to. I’ve played this for a few friends, and they’ve told me I should probably state the following: this is NOT about anyone specific, and no, I do not like black eyes and bloody noses in the sack. I mean, I don’t think I do. Who knows.



One of the saddest things on the road were those nights you got to a motel way too late, and you had to wake someone up to get them to come and let you in. It was like this collection of the saddest people awake in the area, one just desperately trying to make a living, the other just desperately trying to find a place to sleep before they died on the road. Anyway, I wrote this song with that in mind.


No Rest

This is me, just rapping about rapping. Wheeee.

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