Preview Clips of Every Song from Jeremy Passion’s Upcoming ‘For More Than a Feeling’

Well ain’t this a clever bit of marketing? You can now check out short clips of every track from Jeremy Passion‘s soon to be released debut album, For More Than a Feeling. The release date was scheduled for 12/13 but there’s a possibility that they may not be available from all online retailers by that date, however […]

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Just ‘Cause: B-Boy Solomon

Do you know who PK is? You should. One could say he’s just as influential as any artist in creating a stage and spotlight for many of the artists that we know and love. The comedian and former Kollaboration director is also the father to a young lad named Solomon, who seems to share his […]

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Chosen Drops the “Human Nature” MV

“Human Nature” is the latest music video from Chosen, where they make use of a spy/espionage type of motif complete with some mildly impressive production values. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where the visual is more entertaining than the song itself, though maybe that’s just me being grumpy on a Thursday morning. Curiously, […]

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The Holiday Covers Round-Up Part 2

We told you we’d keep em coming! Here’s another batch of Holiday themed covers by a few R&B/Pop specialists. Legaci kicks things off by covering their employer’s (Bieber) hit, “Mistletoe”. Paul Kim & Jae Jin sing on the solo tip with a couple classic covers, Jessica Sanchez with an old standard, and Eunice Kiss rounds […]

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