The Frank Ocean Covers Round-Up – 2/3/12

Frank Ocean has been a rather popular artist to cover recently, so we threw together a quick round-up of covers by Jeremy Passion, Maribelle Anes, Erin Kim, Verseatile, New Heights, Andy Ha, and Jae Jin. There are two songs here, “Thinking About You” and “We All Try”, and some chose to switch things up while others played it by the book – singing over the official instrumental. Enjoy your Friday!

Jeremy Passion Covers “Thinking About You” & “J.O.B.”

Maribelle Anes Remixes “Thinking About You”

Erin Kim Covers “Thinking About You”

Verseatile Covers “Thinking About You”

New Heights x Erin Kim Cover “We All Try”

Andy Ha Covers “We All Try”

Jae Jin Covers “We All Try”

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