Carissa Rae & Michael Alvarado Form ‘Us’; Preparing Debut Album as a Duo

Ooh boy. Where to begin with this one? First of all, Carissa Rae and her partner in music and life, Michael Alvarado, got engaged last Thanksgiving. In addition, they’ve formed a new group together (a natural progression) called Us. So they made it official both personally and professionally, still with us? Now they are preparing to release their debut album as Us (them, not us) and are looking for your help in doing so via Kickstarter. OK, forget it, just watch the following clip and their description below for the details and be sure to help out the soon to be family with their many new chapters in life.

Once upon a time, we were two solo artists: Michael Alvarado and Carissa Rae. All it took was one year’s time to meet, fall in love, write some songs, and film a few YouTube videos. 2 million views and an engagement ring later, we have officially come together as one musical duo, entitled “Us”.

We are excited to make our first album as “Us” and we would absolutely LOVE your help! Every dollar will go towards the album: the musicians, the studio costs, the mixing, the mastering, the promotion…all of it. You alone, combined with other you alone’s, can take our notebook full of ideas and bring them to life in one beautiful album.

A big thank you from “Us” to you. And in return, we promise to make real music from our hearts.

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