The Wonder Girls Featured in Us Weekly

With the Wonder Girls TeenNick movie having made it’s debut this past week, the promotional engine was running at full steam, including the following feature w/ Us Weekly. They go through 25 facts that you probably didn’t know about the quintet, ranging from personal relationships to fashion preferences to the completely random. Check it out in full after the break or head on over to Us Weekly.

The Wonder Girls — YubinYennySunSohee and Lim — share the 25 things you don’t know about them with Us Weekly. Their TeenNick special, The Wonder Girls, airs Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on TeenNick.

1. We just became global ambassadors for Korean Food! Yum!

2. Nick Cannon produced our TeenNick Movie The Wonder Girls — we all think he’s such a gentleman.

3. When we filmed out movie we tried soul food for the first time and we love it!

4. We record some of our songs in English, Chinese and Korean. . . We get so confused sometimes.

5. Yenny gets annoyed when people call her Jenny. It’s “Y”enny! YEA-NNY!

6. Our favorite American slang term is “fo shizzle.” We learned it when filming The Wonder Girls.

7. We are obsessed with all things fashion! Sohee is the fashionista one. We love going to fashion week in New York!

8. Sohee wears socks when she goes to sleep.

9. Yubin regrets never going to prom.

10. Sun has a boyfriend!

11. We’re all obsessed with Beyonce! And KatyPerry!

12. We love trying new food and discovering new restaurants!

13. We have traveled the world but there is no place like home.

14. We love to Skype with our families back home.

15. Yenny loves Glee and wishes she could perform an Aretha Franklin song on the show one day.

16. Lim has seen The Parent Trap and The Princess Diaries more than 10 times.

17. Sun’s favorite day of the year is Christmas.

18. We opened for Justin Bieber‘s L.A. show and now we all have Bieber fever! (Lim absolutely does!) We watched his movie, too!

19. Yenny never believed in Santa Claus.

20. Sun prefers sneakers over heels.

21. Lim use men’s perfume!

22. We love bright colors, right now we are all about neon!

23. Our favorite thing to do is perform live for our fans. There is nothing better.

24. Sohee loves lemon! She loves the taste, smell, color, everything!

25.  We hope you all watch our movie The Wonder Girls on February 2 on TeenNick! (OK, maybe that’s not a secret.)


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