Gabe Bondoc Gives a Preview of “Tables”

Guitar player/singer extraordinaire, Gabe Bondoc, has a new record in the works and has decided to share a little preview of a rough draft of a cut from the project. It’s called “Tables” and though it’s a simple one-take, it’s already showing a good deal of potential. Let’s hope that it translates well into a studio track too! Lyrics after the break.

I know the case is closed
But still I take her calls
Hear ’bout the problems with her new man again.

Standin’ with phone in hand
She’s barely whisperin’
Doesn’t like him, but somehow loves him

Oh, how I wish that the tables were turned.
You’d be mine, leave him burned
We’d get what we deserve

My heart, skips beats at the thought of a world
Where my world could mine and hers

But I don’t think that I’ll ever learn…

I guess I’ll never solve this problem.
I’ll never leave no matter how it breaks my heart.
I know the only way to solve this
But I can’t get myself to stop thinking about you…

I can’t stop thinking about you.

Oh, I’m just so crazy ’bout you
I know your secrets
I know this ain’t a good idea

My phone’s got messages
That explain the mess he is
I should, but I just can’t delete them



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