The Songs About Jeremy Lin Round-Up

If you are Asian-American or have a fair amount Asian-American friends, you may have noticed that NBA’s latest feel-good story, Jeremy Lin, has been a huge hot topic as of late. He’s become a starter for the NY Knicks and has had some great games for several consecutive nights.

Well, the rising basketball star has certainly inspired a lot of people, including some of our artists. Already we’re beginning to see songs about Mr. Lin and we suspect it isn’t over yet. So this post will serve as a running collection of the songs, in reverse chronological order of release (Newest at the top). So far it’s Gowe and Jin, but I’m sure there”ll be more to follow!

[Added 3/13]
Grand Master Chu of Model Minority – “Hard Work”

The Slants – “Capture Me Burning”

[Added 2/23]
On Fire Ent x Thai x Jargon x JimmyBoi x DerezBrown – “Jeremy Lin”

[Added 2/20]
Tommy C – “FTW JLin”

Jin Presents “Nick of Time”

Gowe Presents “Perseverance”

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