AM Kidd Performs “Never Had”

Ready for some new AM Kidd? The genre bending Hip-Hop artist returns to his Piano driven brand of rap with a performance of “Never Had”. While I can appreciate his constant musical exploration of matters of the heart, I wouldn’t be opposed to him switching it up a little bit and venture outside the realm of relationships.

Verse 1:
Lately you’ve been wondering if this is true
and I don’t blame you ’cause I know that you’ve been played a fool
You’ve been used, you’ve been cheated on, I know it hurts
you need some one to give you Love not to give you words
said I want your heart and you wonder if I mean it
so you stay on guard and you’re hoping I don’t steal it
I swear I’m not a crook. I only want to keep it
keep it close to me so I can be the one to show you what the meaning of “Love” is
Tell me if you ever had that
Forget them games, you and I are grown and past that
I’ll give you good love to make up for your bad past
So I’m asking you if I can have the last dance?
(Yeah), ’cause I just want to see you smile again
You can trust me with the secrets that you bottle in
This a good thing, I promise you no side effects
Just imagine all the things we’d miss

This could be the realest thing that you never had
I could prove to you that I’m the one that understands
that it’s hard to find
Somebody you can trust
but I’m asking you not to give up

‘Cause I can be the reason why you never look back
and I just want to help you break free from the past
and the hands of time
I know it’s been a while
but I’ll show you that it’s not too late to smile
Oh this could be the real thing

Verse 2:
Only if you choose, and I know you have your doubts
You’re scared that I will change once you let your guard down
so you ask if I’m for real but I know these words ain’t enough
so I’m down to show you every day that I can be the one
The one that makes you smile every night before you sleep
The one that gives you strength and at the same time makes you weak
every time I kiss you
I can guarantee I got you, it’s okay to fall
and if you do, I promise you that it won’t hurt at all
so let me be the one that you believe in
I know that you’ve been feelin’ like none of these guys mean it
but I want to end that all tonight
and prove you wrong that I can do you right

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