The Adele Youtube Covers Round-Up – 2/13/12

Last night, Adele walked away from the Grammys a multi-category winner, and for good reason since she’s had a huge year and brought soulful music back to the forefront. And our artists have recognized that quality about her too, which explains why we’ve had countless covers of the singer and her numerous hits, both old and new. Today we bring you 9 more covers, just in case you haven’t had your fill of Adele yet.

Esna x Minseung – “Rolling in the Deep”

Inch Chua – “Rumour Has It”

Jason Chen – “Set Fire to the Rain”

Tim (of Tim Be Told) – “Make You Feel My Love” (originally by Bob Dylan)

Tommy C – “Someone Like You”

Erin Paula – “Set Fire to the Rain”

Joseph Vincent – “Rolling in the Deep”

Erin Kim – “Hometown Glory”

Bella – “Set Fire to the Rain”

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