DJ Neil Armstrong Releases 10th Anniversary Edition of ‘Original’

10 years ago, 5th Platoon representative, DJ Neil Armstrong, dropped a classic Hip-Hop mixtape entitled Original. Now he’s chosen to commemorate the event with a 10 year anniversary re-release. Only this is a deluxe, all-out, spare-no-expense, type of affair – they really did it proper and dubbed it Original: All Out King. As an ode to the past you get a cassette AND a USB drive with the digital version. There’s a lot of history and story to this release, so be sure to check out all the details after the break and at DJ NA’s website!!

DJ Neil Armstrong celebrates the 10th anniversary of his first mixtape, “Original,” with a limited box set. First off, you get a gold leaf embossed giftbox to house the whole package. Inside is a complete booklet with the tracklistings and original covers of all the mixtapes in the boxset.

Next, to represent the roots of this mixtape, you get an actual mix “TAPE,” — an official copy of “Original” on its original medium, the cassette (remastered in 2004).

Finally, to show how far times have come since 2001, we have the mixtapes on their NEW medium — a brushed aluminum branded USB drive containing the first 3 cds in 256 kbps Mp3s (each one is in both tracked out AND one long complete Mp3 versions).

To top it off, the BRAND NEW mix, “Original All Out King,” in WAV format. (This will be the only way to hear it for a few months until it is available on CD.)

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