Alexander Jung (Aero-K) Collabs with Lyricks and MC Misfit on “DRMR”

Happy President’s day everyone! Hopefully you had today off, but if not, maybe some new music will help move it along. Alexander Jung (formerly known as Aero-K) has a new track out, a collaboration with Lyricks and MC Misfit called “DRMR”. The song is the lead single off Alex’s upcoming debut solo LP – Bedroom Project. Jung isn’t quite as polished as his counterparts, and their addition to the song really help by given it some added firepower. You can DL the track from his bandcamp.

Alexander Jung:

Ey yo my dad once said, “boy you can have all of it”
Dad still says, “don’t ever call it quits”
Get out of your apartment, get a temple like Solomon’s
All up in the Ritz-Carlton in any continent
You can be an astronaut, travel to Zimbabwe
Be a bull fighter where the homies call you hombre
You can be a CEO, travel to Bermuda
Host your own TV show, fish for barracuda
Swimming and skinny-dipping in Brazilian beaches
Venture off to Venus cruise ships till you’re sea sick
See Switzerland, ride the autobahn till your Michelin tires are gone with the wind…
Every citizen in Spain knows your name, take a plane to the planes
Hike every hill, ride a bike in every lane
Be a superhero, President, or be a leader
How will you know if the grass is greener if you don’t go?


They say I’m dreaming, dreaming…I’m flying higher than the stars
Saying I’ll be gone tonight…might not be back by tomorrow


Now I understand why adults told me,
“Live your life to the fullest, grow up slowly”
When we young, we can dream, all of our souls free
Before life’s entanglement begins to control me
Look at myself now as I glance at the old me
I don’t wanna live in regret, repeating, “if only…”
18 was yesterday, I still remember the cold feet
In ’03, all my shows weak, but at a slow speed man I still pedaled…
Bought a new computer but my mic was still ghetto
Made a pop filter out of mom’s stocking and a bent hanger
and I’ll take over the world…cause…the world could be mine
Thinking I’m unstoppable the earlier times
Sinking optimism with these murderous lies
Locking us in a system stealing our purpose and lives
You’re imperfect and die…
They say you’re worthless what’s a reply? “Fine.”
Look, I’m not gonna follow though, nor follow dough
Never did I follow code, still I’m fire though
No mountain unclimbable, wherever you been I can go
Whatever you did I can do, anything is possible

Chorus 2:
They say I’m dreaming, dreaming…I’m flying higher than the stars
Saying I’ll be gone tonight…might not be back by tomorrow
But if I don’t please understand
I make my dreams with my own hands
I fly my ship up past the clouds
There’s no way you’ll shoot me down
I’m flying higher than the stars


My eyes are shut but I don’t think that I am dreaming
Until I figure out the meaning I ain’t leaving
Breathing heavy every hour this evening
Alex, Lyricks, Misfit in the deep end


They say, “the world is yours”, so Tony Montana
All I need is weed and Zoey Saldana
We, smoke by the lot, no acres
Floatation device over you haters
I’m staying in clouds…its how I’m weighing shit out
Man, cause these days, I see thangs
Late bills, missing notes like T-Pain
I need lower rent (Laurent) like Yve Saint
I’m seeing more stress than Reggie
Lil bro locked up, mah keeps sketching
Man, life’s harder than my erection…
Gotta keep pressing on…like straight sheets
Gotta keep pressing on…but I can’t sleep
I make real what they dream (day dream)
Fast money, fine hos, and dank weed
Throwing V’s live on stages,
Over beats all my dreams created

One thought on “Alexander Jung (Aero-K) Collabs with Lyricks and MC Misfit on “DRMR”

  1. all 3 are dope, lyricks holds it down bigtime as does misfit , but alexander jung is just as good ,he been making dope tracks for years under his old name “aero-k” and on jazsapiens/the real treboudors, he had nice material out there, i really hope alexander jung takes off , the newer stuff is nice as all and already 2 of my friends have played this on the air already

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