Lookin’ Back: Thai – “Roll Wit Uz” (2006?)

This music video is roughly 6 years old (2006-ish), and it’s an interesting look back at the rapper Thai before he linked up with 454. Even without the help of fancy DSLRs and high production values, Thai was on his video grind back when Youtube was still in it’s infancy. The artist found much of his success by participating in forums like AznRaps, and having his music spread via word of mouth when social media meant AIM – and that’s about it.

It’s kind of crazy how much things change, yet stay the same. Love him or hate him, he’s still working relentlessly on his craft after all these years. It may be in a more polished package, but the core of the artist is still the same. I can respect that.

This may be a little more recent than some of our other retrospective posts, but it’s still fun Lookin’ Back.

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