Alexander Jung Releases “Power (9000)” Single & MV

As Alexander Jung’s (formerly Aero-K) Bedroom Project release approaches, we’re beginning to see more and more releases from the artist. “Power (9000)” is his latest, and he’s even got a MV to promote the song that was heavily based off of Kanye’s “POWER” – so much so that it’s a borderline remix. They went with the projector overlay in this video, similar to “Decipher That“, but with more camera work. It’s a freebie for DL, so you can check it out via the Bandcamp widget below. Lyrics are directly beneath.

Alright now this be, that history
that Monica Lewinsky
That Tupac, Biggie
Mainstream with indie
My bass low, it stays high
This my show, that fake ID
Cats run like canine
Yo I heard it through the grapevine
Its my time, this my lights, its my grind, this my fight, its my shine,
this my right, its my rhyme, this my life

Its Alexander Jung oh, not to be an egoist
But this is big Mutumbo, humble as my ego is
Big fish shark fin creepin’ through the window
Swimmin’ in this fishbowl’s, startin’ to get old

DGAF music, ski mask music
G Rap, Greenbacks, Dreamcast stupid
Rappers yellin “swag” like they want somethin’ free
I know I rap like a monster, but it ain’t no Halloween and I ain’t
trickin or treatin’ beefin’ with vegans knee deep in the game
and my feet ain’t even wet yet, oh, yeah! I’m jet set
I’m one of the best yet! Reppin’ that west west
Best bet I got my fingers crossed, XX

New to the rap scene Kiddies never heard of me
but i’ma menace yo police tryna murder me
And I can tell day got dem pigs on the payroll
I can make the room spin, round…tornado

K-Town Cowboy? No, I’m a outlaw
Shot the sheriff witta shotgun, sawed off
The only cocktail I drink is Molotov
and lemme top it off witta midnight monologue
My face is human but its lookin like God’s involved
I wanna leave a message, that’s why i’m callin yall!

Dey ain’t ready for me so i’m eatin yakidori in the mornin with a 40 Obi Wan Kenobi~ with the flow
Please leave~ me alone cause i’m slee~pin at home with a chrome underneath my pillow!
Whip it like Willow! Kiddo, cats copy me like ditto! Did dey not get the memo that~
i’m boutta blow 4 4 to the middle of my dome po po gonna know Alexander’s loco!

No one man should have all that power…
Sweet Lord! don’t let this go sour
I’m just tryin’ ta make it up dat tower
And try ta get to boss level, Bowser

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