Mickey Cho Shares “Justice Has a Name”

In honor of Freedom Sunday, Mickey Cho just dropped a new song and MV called “Justice Has a Name”. The song deals with the topic of modern day slavery and human trafficking and how it should be addressed from the perspective of the Church. It’s a powerful message about a dark topic. You can DL the song for free via Bandcamp, here. Lyrics are available after the break.

i still remember back in 06
the Lord lit my heart up for the broken and the hopeless
i still remember first reading about these girls
who were living in my city, but lost in a different world
and i, couldn’t imagine all the pain and the damage
these women had to endure, i wondered what really happened
to get them to where they’re at, was it financial famine?
or did their daddies mistreat them and leave them alone abandoned?
was it a lack of men who had the power to stand in?
where they had fallen, and show them that they were championed?
and as a man i felt the weight of it
for every time i lusted, every time i called them hoes or tolerated it
every time i idolized celebrities and players
who would talk about the women they had run through like conveyors
i felt sick to be a part of it
but understood the power of the one who came to free us from the dark of it

justice ain’t a principal, justice is a prince
and His name is King Jesus, the redeemer of our sins
justice ain’t a concept, justice is a man
and His name is Christ Jesus, who’s the Lion and Lamb

and he’s come to set every single captive free
that’s why i stand in His glory as His hands and feet

i find the root of it’s the wickedness of man
cause the industry exists, only if there’s a demand
and we demanded it, and stayed anonymous
pornography and prostitution function so synonymously
one fuels the other, the other fuels another
and what we have’s a multi-billion dollar undercover scheme
gleaming like a business, that’s the way it functions
but their business runs on victimizing people in destruction
see it’s, one thing to free the women from the men
but can we break the slavery that’s in the hearts of men?
and it’s more than just a humanistic effort
it’s the movement of their souls, to the kind and loving shepherd
it’s only in His arms, every soul could be restored
that’s why we take them out of harm, to the one who will restore
He’s committed to it, His justice will endure
liberation for the men and women, trusting that their yours

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