Melissa Polinar Teams Up With Ernie Halter & Matt Cusson to Sing “See the Stars”

Texas belle, Melissa Polinar, posted up a new performance video where she sings a new tune called “See the Stars”. She has a little help from a couple talented singer/songwriters by the names of Ernie Halter & Matt Cusson. If you like your acoustic music with just a twinge of country soul, this ones for you! Can’t wait to hear a studio version of this track (hopefully).

So here’s a song I wrote last month called “See The Stars.” I originally wanted one harmony but when I found out that both Matt and Ernie would be able to meet up on one fine Wednesday (2.22.12), I was not only thrilled to spend time with them but also decided to make this song a TRIO and record a video! I’ve collaborated with these guys on separate occasions before and it felt great to be in one room with the both of them! I called it my “talent overdose” session. 🙂

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