Mark Agustin Features for MOOG on “Everything I Was”

Sometimes, the story behind the song is as interesting as the music itself, and that just might be the case for this new single from Australian producer, MOOG. Mark Agustin features on the track, providing the main rap verses while Erin Renee sings the female vocals for the hook. But how this particular collaboration came to be is a testament to the wonders of the digital age we live in.

Some time ago some of you may remember I did an unoffical remix to one of my favorite songs titled “Collide” by Australian super producer MOOG feat. Erin Renee. I uploaded it on my channel simply to share this piece of music that I had found and added my own flavor to. A few days after I uploaded the song, to my surprise, MOOG himself messaged me telling me he liked what I had done with his creation and eventually offered to collaborate with me on a song featuring the lovely Erin Renee. After keeping in touch and working on the song for about a month or so, it is finally here and ready to be shared with the WORLD! So without further a do, I present to you “Everything I Was”

Purchase: iTunes

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