The Videoless Youtube Remixes Round-Up 3/6/12

If there’s one thing rappers love to do, it’s dropping remixes. Now, everyone is taking the extra step to differentiate themselves by putting together full music videos for their remixes, but the easy way out is to throw some cover art or an image over the track and post it to Youtube. That’s exactly what’s been done here. All the songs are pre-recorded, studio-esque quality songs, most available as a free DL, but there is hardly a visual to match – effectively turning Youtube into a new school jukebox. At least Jin took it a half step further and threw some lyrics up on one of his videos! (To be fair, I prefer this over the webcam rap videos…)

Derez Remixes “Practice” by Drake

Misfit Remixes “Shake That” by The Rangers

Jin Remixes “The Motto” by Drake x Lil Wayne

Jin Remixes “I Do” by Twista

Mike B Remixes “Woopty Doo” by CyHi Da Prynce x Big Sean

Mike B Remixes “You Are” by Estelle x John Legend

Mike B Remixes “Be” by Common

Adam WarRock Remixes “Niggas in Paris” by Jay-Z x Kanye West

Adam WarRock Remixes “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby” by Lord Tariq x Peter Gunz

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