AM Kidd Presents Performance of “2AM”

Piano-Hop extraordinaire, AM Kidd posted up a performance clip of a new track – “2AM”. Although he’s done a number of these piano-driven rap songs before, this one stood out to me with it’s sweeping buildup of the melody and quiet reprise. This one had a little more heart in it, and I can dig that. It’d still be nice to see the Kidd tackle a new style, though, even if just for kicks.

It’s 2am. The lights are off.
and I’m just laying down contemplating on
some things that I’ve tried to take apart and analyze
crowding up my mind. tell me if I have enough time
for myself. by myself.
and I always let my pride get in the way
to call for help. but is there help?
’cause all these so-called friends I have they always say
“I’m there for you” but no you’re not
you take for granted what you got
if you ever come around, it’s only when those bottles pop
but never when I’m down, I swear I think I give too much
to people nowadays, maybe I should stop to give a fuck
but I can’t no matter how hard I try
’cause I care about your happiness more than I care for mine
and I think it finally took it’s toll
’cause I realize I’m better off alone
so I’mma let it go tonight..

I’mma let it go tonight

and I think I had enough. No, I know I had enough
I’d give you my all that you would take advantage of
and I’m sick of being used. Instead of being loved
and I miss having those friends. The ones that you can trust
so I lay down in my room, and I’m flipping through these pages
we hope for something new but never ready for the changes
so this is where I stand and I hope you understand
that I ain’t gonna let you be the one that holds me back
so I’mma let you go tonight…

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