Lookin’ Back: Jocelyn Enriquez – “Do You Miss Me?”

Lookin’ Back, 16 years ago, Jocelyn Enriquez released a Top 40 pop tune called “Do You Miss Me?” (iTunes) from her self-titled sophomore album. This is one of those songs that I completely forgot about, and it wasn’t until the chorus came up that my memory was jogged to the point where I could vaguely recall this catchy tune. To be fair, this was a long time ago; some of our readers aren’t even 16 years old! She’s had marginal success since then, but seems to have taken a step back from the music scene to concentrate on her family. The video below was released in ’97, easily making her one of the pioneers for AA’s making into Top 40 radio.

As a bonus, we’ve included the MV from her debut single (1994), “I’ve Been Thinking About You” (iTunes), after the break.

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