Heejun Han & Jessica Sanchez Results for American Idol Top 12 [Spoilers]

And then there were ten. Despite the controversial booting of a contestant this week due to legal troubles, American Idol proceeded with an elimination this week – essentially making the top 12 the top 10 within a 48 hours period. There’s a lot at stake here, as the top 10 are the ones that get to go on tour after the season wraps, helping pad their pockets a little while they continue to grow their fanbase nationwide. So where does that leave us with our dear contestants Heejun & Jessica? Remember, neither had standout performances this week.

We’re happy to report, they are both safe. For those keeping up with the show, Shannon Magrane was eliminated, meaning The Heej & Jessica are still alive and you should be able to catch them on the road with the rest of the AI Tour.

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