The KPOP Youtube Remixes Round-Up 3/16/12

KPOP is bigger now internationally than ever, so we choose that as the theme to close out the work week with this round-up. There are some familiar faces along with a few unexpected & fun surprises from artists you’d never peg as KPOP listeners. Each cover/remix has it’s own merit, so check out the whole lot and enjoy your Friday!

Dia Frampton Covers “Lonely” by 2NE1

Nylon Pink Remixes “Gee” by SNSD

Erin Kim Covers “Trouble Maker” by Hyunseung & Hyuna

Goni Covers “When I Can’t Sing” (내가 노래를 못해도) by Se7en

Jian Choo Remixes “Blue” by Big Bang

Mark Agustin Remixes – “Fiction” by B2AST

Dia Frampton Covers “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls

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