Jay Legaspi Shares Performance of “10 Past 3”

It’s no secret that “10 Past 3” by Jay Legaspi is one of this writer’s favorite songs, and thankfully Jay has decided to bring it out of the archives and record a new performance video for the track. The song sounds cleaner than ever though it doesn’t quite carry the same emotional weight as his original demo version from the long lost the.demo.ep. But it’s understandable considering the events that inspired this song happened so long ago.

The song holds a great amount of significance to me as it was one of the very first songs I ever wrote.  Written at 3:10 in the morning, the song is about having to let go because it’s the right thing to do, no matter how hard it is.
The video was shot by JR Pena and Daniel Dai with additional camera work by Luke Villapaz and Shelby Chung.  Audio was recorded by Amanda Yu.

It’s 10 Past 3 and I’m wondering
If I’m in past over my head and I’m
Filled with a lot of anxiety
I apologize in advance for
Not giving you any type of warning
I hope that you won’t get too mad at me

Don’t read too much between the lines, ’cause I haven’t written much this time
Just want to see if I’d be fine without you in my life
And my heart says no
But my mind says it’s possible
But can’t get you out of my head
Ironic, and I know I’m not prepared

Take one last step, take a breath and just clear my head
Wipe the tears from my eyes and go to bed
Can’t believe the dream is ending
Still I can’t stand holding back when I’m feeling us slip away
Oh darling, you know that I just can’t stay
And leave me at that

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