Adam WarRock x Joules Release “The Occupation”

Everyone’s favorite comic book rapper, Adam WarRock decided to stray from the various niche, pop-culture topics for this new song with Joules, and instead went for something a little more general. As an ode to his life as a touring musician, WarRock & Joules present “The Occupation”. In an almost meta-type-of-story, the track was written, recorded, and birthed while on tour – it really couldn’t get any more appropriate. You can name your price for this offering, via Bandcamp.

Somewhere on some highway, me and Joules (beatmaker of Papercutters & Dangling Headphones EP) wrote this song. Somewhere along the way, we found time to actually record it during tour. We literally wrote this song while in the car, with our laptops out while driving. Well, not WHILE driving. When the other was driving.  You get it.

Download it for free, or drop a dollar in the bucket, or feel free to donate something if you want to. It’s all love, baby:.

It’s a song about touring. Written while touring. Recorded while touring. And I hope you guys enjoy it.

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