April Chase Loses Member, Preparing New Albums

It’s been some time since we last heard from the Bay Area band, April Chase. Unfortunately their latest public update comes with a bit of mixed news. Their guitarist, Mark Sahagun (2nd from right in the photo), has decided to step down from the band for personal reasons. However, the collective is still at work, cooking up two upcoming EP’s, a 6 song Acoustic release and a full band album as well. It’s always tough when a group has to go through a change in membership though we are excited to hear the upcoming tunes.

Source: http://aprilchase.tumblr.com/post/20669768276/important-april-chase-updates-announcements

Hi everyone!

We’re hoping you all haven’t completely forgotten about us! Haha, just wanted to fill everyone in on some good news and some bad news.

Bad news. Unfortunately, Mark, our rhythm guitarist, has left the band. He’s working 2 jobs at the moment, and was not able to commit the time & effort to the band. Mark was behind the scenes a lot of the time, but he was an amazing attribute to the band since the beginning. Solid player and all around great guy. We wish him the best in whatever he pursues! Love you Mark!

Mark departing from the band kind of set us back in terms of productivity, as well as real life getting in the way of making things happen, but now on to the Good news.

We’ve officially started the recording process for our UPCOMING 6 SONG-ACOUSTIC EP, getting it ready for a digital release in the next couple months! We’ll have songs from both of our previous EPs as well as a couple new ones.

Speaking of new ones, we’ve also been writing for the next full band EP. It’ll definitely be a different direction, but I’m sure you guys will be in for a treat. Release date is tentative, but we will be releasing new material as soon as possible!

Lastly, I have our show schedule. Shows confirmed are:

April 20thUC Davis(more info TBA)
May 18-20thChicago, IL(more info TBA)

In the next couple weeks, we have other shows pending at San Jose State, Sonoma State (Rohnert Park), San Francisco & Elk Grove. Will keep everyone posted on more details. Thank you guys for tuning in & we all still love you to smithereens.

Tim, Brian, Carina & Lachlan

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