The International Cover/Remix Round-Up 4/8/12

Welcome to another remix/round-up! This time around, we are revisiting an international theme with all of the songs either remixes/covers/translations of Asian songs, or in one particular case, an English song sung in Chinese. It’s a pretty big melting pot of culture and languages – but that’s fairly representative of the world we live in. Go ahead and take a gander, I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy in this collection!

Dawen Covers “Creep” (in Chinese) by Radiohead

Paul Kim x Eunice Kiss Remix “Bad Boy” by Big Bang

Nylon Pink Remixes “Blue” by Big Bang

eSNa Remix “지독하게 (Severely)” by FT Island

Victoria x Tousher Cover “不得不爱” by Wilber Pan

Verseatile Covers “Bad Boy” by Big Bang

Jason Chen x Sharon Kwan Cover “被風吹过的夏天 (Summer Wind)” by JJ Lin

Jason Chen x Sharon Kwan Cover “眼瞬間 (In A Moment)” by 蕭敬騰 & 張惠妹

Megan Lee Covers “Couple Song” by Ra.D

Megan Lee Covers “Blue” by Big Bang

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