Mayda Shares Demo of “All I Have”

Mid-Western rocker, Mayda, recently posted up a demo of a track called “All I Have” that was inspired by some of the relationship situations some of her friends have been going through. This can hardly be labeled as anything remotely close to studio quality, but as a rough cut – it shows some raw promise. I’m hoping this gets a little bit of studio love and we can hear a more polished version in the future.

Here is a song I wrote in about 2min. For some reason many of my friends are going through a lot of relationship issues that I have definitely experienced to some degree. I felt so strongly to write about it.

I peeled away all the petals
Hoping the garden wouldn’t lose all its flowers
Then the wind it started
Started to scream blowing away all the colors

Well I wanted it to work so, work so, work so, work so bad
If you blame it on me, then you blame it on love.
Love is all I have

Em – G – D – A

It wasn’t about the money, or all the battles
All the battles we fought
The fact that we got through, maybe not together
Still means that we won

Well you wanted it to work so, work so, work so, work so bad
If I blame it on you, then I blame it on love
Love is all you have

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