AM Kidd Drops Video for “Never Getting Married”

Over time, AM Kidd has proven to have quite the predilection for songs dealing with love and relationships – and the trend is propagated with his latest video of the song “Never Getting Married”. Once again, we’re given a piano driven track with some percussion with AM Kidd doing his trademark song & rap routine. A bit Drake-ish, yes, but he pulls it off well enough.

the shots here, the girls here, get another round in
and leave my tab open for the whole night
they tell me to slow down but i just tell em
i’m only young once so imma do it right
we all know that good times don’t last forever
homie you don’t have to tell me that shit twice
i know who i am and what i want
so don’t you go and tell me how to live my life

but i’m not saying there ain’t nights when I don’t feel lonely
’cause i used to look for love but that was the old me
but i guess i let my bad habits free and control me
cause i haven’t been the same
i swear i feel like i’m

never getting married (not me)
maybe i’m too scared to fall
or i feel i’ve seen ’em all
i’m just never getting married (no, no)
i’m so used to doing me
living young and being free
i’m just never getting married (not me)
all these drinks they get me brave
saying things i’ll never say
like i’m never getting married (no, no)
maybe it’s just who i am
that i feel no one understands

cause i’ve been around the way
and i’ve done a lot of crazy things
i’ll never be that perfect that guy that you think that you see in me
tell me why how i could lie to all these women
telling them i never broke a heart and i am just so different
from these others guys when i could be as bad
and that’s a part of me that others can’t see past
i got insecurities you think i wouldn’t have
like not being loved for the person that i am

but here’s a shot for you, and here’s a shot for me
’cause i’m paying the price for these moments that are free
and yes i’ve been in love before but now i finally see
that i’ve made up my mind that this isn’t for me
that’s why i feel like i’m…

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