Will Blush Release ‘The Undivided EP’ on May 10th?

I haven’t seen any official announcements, but our eagle-eyed staff spotted this listing on Amazon for a new EP from the Pan-Asian girl group, Blush. As of this writing, it looks like it’s going to be called The Undivided EP, and should serve as their debut collection of work – providing a home to many of the singles we’ve heard in the past year. AMZN gives it a May 10th release date, and we’ll keep you updated as to whether or not this holds true. Is the above image the EP cover? Though the ladies are in great shape, I can’t say I’m crazy about the leather/pleather/vinyl/latex? crayola dresses. But what do I know?

1. Undivided feat. Snoop Dogg
2. All Stars
3. Warrior
4. Sweetly Leave Me
5. Together We’re Greater
6. Dance On (Wawa Remix)
7. Dance On (Razor ‘N Guido Remix)
8. Undivided (Dave Aude Remix)
9. Undivided (Morgan Page Remix)

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