Jane Lui Debuts Video for “Heaven on a Hill” (feat Paul Dateh & Danny Morledge)

Personally, I can’t get enough of Jane Lui and her music – and the fact that she’s not uploading some half-hearted cover video every week makes me appreciate her material all the more when something is released. “Heaven On a Hill” is a joint collaborative effort with Paul Dateh & Danny Morledge, and she’s also put together a video for the sweeping acoustic song. The trio make a great team, and this is a song worth checking out. Lyrics & BTS footage can be found after the break.

Of course it’s winter when i want to find with you
that heaven on a hill
that heaven on a hill
No more day light, the summer nights used up the sunlight
the heaven on a hill
our heaven on a hill

gaze up, arms in, i’ll dive in thru your mouth
and rest there by your lips
hold on hold on
breathe into me
as i seek this heaven on a hill

up against the better lights
i stand before you
a willow in the rain
a willow in the rain
yet you crawled into my hand
with a sweet hello this
willow in the rain
willow in the rain

pull me, i give in, eyes in your shoulder
like home it’ll always be
hold on hold on, lock into me,
as i seek our heaven on a hill

let me jump into your pocket with my worth
dream the rules away and close the book
don’t wanna see… i…

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