Just ‘Cause: See the Trailer to UPLOADED: The Asian American Movement

In July of last year, we shared with you a documentary that was in the works called Uploaded: The Asian American Movement. Now, all these months later, the film is complete and ready for it’s premiere at the Los Angeles Pan Asian Pacific Film Festival. You can now view the trailer, which gives us a look at all the interviews and the overlying focus of this film – a movement that is near and dear to our hearts at a-Tunes. Check out all the additional information after the break, and if you’re in LA, don’t miss the premiere on May 16th!

Why? Just ‘Cause.

For more information or to Pre-order DVD’s: http://uploadedtaam.com/

World Premiere: Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival May 16th 2012
Search “Uploaded” at http://laapff.festpro.com/films to purchase tickets.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uploadedtaam
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uploadedtaam

Director: Kane Diep
Producers: Julie Zhan & Farah Moriah
Lead Editor: Rommel Andaya
Assistant Editor: Mark Gadia

Trailer Edited By: Alelie Adriano & Rommel Andaya
Music: George Shaw, Tony T Nguyen, Justin Elias


Amy Hill (Actor, 50 First Dates)
Keiko Agena (Actor, Gilmore Girls)
Leonardo Nam (Actor, Tokyo Drift)
Lynn Chen (Actor, Saving Face)
Parry Shen (Actor, Better Luck Tomorrow)
Randall Park (Actor, Larry Crowne)
Sheetal Sheth (Actor, I Can’t Think Straight)

Freddie Wong (Filmmaker, VFX Specialist, YouTube)
Jon M. Chu (Director, Step Up 2, Step Up 3D, Never Say Never, GI Joe, The LXD)
Kevin Tancharoen (Director, Fame, Mortal Kombat)
Ross Ching (Director, 3 Minutes)
Wong Fu Productions (Filmmakers, YouTube)
Hieu Ho (Producer, The LXD)
Aaron Ho (Writer, Cougar Town, Austin & Ally)
Koji Sakai (Writer, The People I’ve Slept With, Chink)
Wendy’s Lookbook (Fashion, YouTube)

Christine Gambito (HappySlip, Comedian, YouTube)
Danny Cho (Comedian, Ktown Cowboys)
David So (Comedian, YouTube)
Fung Brothers (Comedians, YouTube)
JK Films (Comedians, YouTube)
Kevin Wu (KevJumba, Comedian, YouTube)
Paul PK Kim (Comedian, Founder of Kollaboration)
Timothy “Traphik” Delaghetto (Comedian, YouTube)

AJ Rafael (Musician, YouTube)
Cathy Nguyen (Musician, YouTube)
Clara C (Musician, YouTube)
Christina Luna (Manager, AJ Rafael)
David Choi (Musician, YouTube)
Feats in Inches (Musician, YouTube)
George Shaw (Composer, Agents of Secret Stuff)
Jane Lui (Musician, YouTube)
Jennifer Chung (Musician, YouTube)
Jesse Barrera (Musician/Producer, YouTube)
Jimmy Wong (Musician, YouTube)
Michelle Martinez (Musician, YouTube)
Paul Dateh (Musician, YouTube)
Paul J. Kim (Musician, YouTube)
Michael Carreon (Musician, YouTube)

Aimee Lee Lucas (Dancer, Big Bang)
Daniel “Cloud” Campos (Dancer/Director, Step Up 3D, The LXD)
Keone Madrid (Dancer, Choreo Cookies/Movement Lifestyle)
Mariel Martin (Dancer, Choreo Cookies/Movement Lifestyle)
Mike Song (Dancer, Kaba Modern/The LXD, ABDC Season 1)
Poreotics (Dancers, ABDC Season 5 Winners)
Victor Kim (Dancer, Quest Crew, ABDC Season 3 Winners)

Abe Ferrer (Non-Profit, Visual Communications)
Bing Chen (Google Executive, YouTube Creator Initiatives)
Jennifer Sanderson (Non-Profit, Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment)
Lee Ann Kim (Non-Profit, San Diego Asian Film Foundation)
L.S. Kim (Professor, Asian Americans in Media)
Wenda Fong (Vice President, Fox Alternative Programming)

Channel APA (Media Outlet, Steven Nguyen)
Grace Su (Blogger, Peachies)
Guy Aoki (Media Outlet, Media Action Network for Asian Americans)
Myx TV (Television, Anthony Garcia and Nicki Sun)
Phil Yu (Media Outlet, AngryAsianMan)
The Other Asians/New Media Rockstars (Media Outlets, Benny Luo and Melly Lee)

Uploaded Interns:
Alexander Chan
Steph Cheng
Jade Feng
Arthur Lien
Johnathan Nguyen
Mai Nguyen
James Paguyo
Christopher Zou

Fiscal Sponsor: The San Diego Asian Film Foundation (SDAFF.org)

Special thanks to all donors and supporters. You will be credited in the feature film

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