Traphik Featured on

Tim Chantarangsu aka Timothy DeLaGhetto aka Traphik has found himself to be the subject of a new interview. A lot of it is focused his new Cruise Control mixtape, along with what he plans to do from here on out. Big props to Tim for the look from another major media publication! Slowly but surely, people are taking notice of the community. Below is an excerpt from the interview. For the rest, head over to!

Has the priority shifted in terms of what comes number one passion-wise, whether it’s music or being a comedian?

At the end of the day, I’m all about making the world a brighter place. Right now, the videos in general are what’s making me my money and what I’m living off of whether it’s a music video or the comedy. Of course people are a lot more pickier with their music and it’s easier to make somebody laugh than to have everyone dig your music. So the music is always dope but it’s extra rewarding when people give you so much love on the music ‘cause I’m always a funny dude. But in terms of like where my priorities are, I’m just a Renaissance man.

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