Learn How You Can Support Clara C & David Choi’s Joint Fall Tour

As musicians continue to turn to their fans to help make activities as an independent artist possible, crowd-sourced fundraising becomes an ever-more important tool. That’s exactly why Clara C & David Choi have turned to Kickstarter to raise the capital needed to make a full scale, country wide tour (including Canada, eh) possible. As is the custom, various donations amounts will net you perks of escalating nature, from MP3 downloads to keeping their touring equipment as a memento, recording with them in their studio, the moment of proposing on stage, and more. Check out their KS page for more details!

This is the official kickstarter campaign for David Choi and Clara C’s Fall Tour in 2012!! We are so excited to be going on tour together.  A lot of you may see us on youtube everyday but we finally want to remove the computer screen between us and you and meet all of you in person!

So when we normally tour its by ourselves (as a lot of you have seen) it is us up on stage by ourselves with a guitar.  That is still an amazing feeling connecting with all of you like that but we want to take it up a notch and bring you the full experience so we are both bringing full bands so we can just have a crazy party at each tour stop!

We are looking to do about 20ish cities right but we definitely want to hit as many cities as possible!  So your donations will go to things such as

– Flights

– Car rentals

– Hotels

– Gas

– Sustenance

– Paying our wonderful musicians

– Equipment rentals

–  A loooot of other stuff

The goal of $18,000 is just a fraction of the cost of the tour but we are hoping that with your help we can make this tour possible!  Check the donation levels on the right side.  There are a lot of different levels so everyone can get involved.  You can get an email to let you know about the tour before its official announcement to buy tickets, autographed tour used gear aka the very mics we slobber on and use throughout the tour, or even studio time in our private studios (private studios have Prol Tools HD, SSL, Avalon, Manley, Blue Mics and a multitude of other gear), a private concert, backstage passes, or even a chance to propose on stage at one of the tour stops!!  (Foreign donors, outside of the US/Canada please add $5.00 to each level for shipping costs)

But we hope that we can meet all of you on our 2012 Fall Tour cause without you guys we would not be able to do what we love each and everyday!

To The Best Fans In The World

David Choi & Clara C

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