a-Tunes News: Welcome to a-Tunes.net v6!

What’s up fellow readers, friends, and artists!? As you can see, we’ve put in just a little bit of elbow grease and revamped the look of a-Tunes.net. Most of the functionality is business as usual, however, we have added on important feature. On the main page, you will now see a post slider that will showcase a few of our featured posts! This helps us put a few articles front and center, to make sure you don’t miss them.

Note the new Post Slider

Other than that, we’ll likely be making minor adjustments over the next few days, but nothing drastic. Please feel free to let us know whether you like, love, hate, etc, the new look. We want to make sure that you guys enjoy coming here! This is now our 6th major site revamp since we started back in 2008. For a history of our logos, see below – in reverse chronological order.

Thanks for everything!

version 6
version 5
version 4
version 3
version 2
version 1

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